Cat and Dog Vaccinations and Microchipping in Wimberley, TX

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Small Brown Dog Getting A Vaccine

We are committed to your pet’s health and safety here at Wimberley Veterinary Clinic. As a cherished member of your family, your pet deserves to enjoy good health—and you deserve peace of mind! Our clinic offers a full range of essential and risk-based vaccines for dogs and cats to keep them protected from life-threatening diseases. We also recommend a microchip for your pet for permanent identification and to give them a better chance at being reunited with you if you get separated. Our veterinarians and staff at Wimberley can help to mitigate all kinds of risks for your pet with personalized care and precautions.

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Our Essential and Risk-Based Vaccines for Dogs and Cats

Every dog and cat has its own unique health needs, which we are dedicated to fulfilling. Below are the essential and risk-based cat and dog vaccines we offer here at our clinic based on public health laws and prevalent concerns in our area.

Your vet will be more than happy to help you choose the right vaccines for your pet’s age, breed, lifestyle, health history, and other factors.

Curious Dog With A Microchip Tag On Collar
Curious Dog With A Microchip Tag On Collar

Microchipping: A Lifeline for Lost Pets

Microchipping is a straightforward, efficient, and nearly painless procedure that can significantly increase the likelihood of your pet being returned to you if they get lost.

The microchip itself is no bigger than a grain of rice, and we implant it under your pet's skin. It carries a unique ID number that links to your contact information, which should be registered as soon as possible with a national pet recovery database. This is the step that makes your pet’s chip most effective since it allows a shelter or clinic to contact you if your pet is found and brought to them.

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Dr Sheffield and the technicians that work here are amazing and kind. My cat is typically extremely fearful and usually responds with aggression, however, she had the best experience here and didn’t even hiss once! I cannot express in words how grateful I am to this clinic, they’ve helped me and my girl so much.