Care for Your Exotic Pets in Wimberley: Small Mammals, Birds, Reptiles, and Fish

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Exotic Pet Visiting Wimberley Veterinary Clinic
Exotic Pet Visiting Wimberley Veterinary Clinic

Wimberley Veterinary Clinic happily welcomes a variety of exotic pets for veterinary care, including pocket pets, exotic small mammals, birds, and even fish! Whether it hops, climbs, or swims, your pet deserves the best treatment for the duration of their lifetime with you. Often, it can be difficult for exotic pet owners to find a vet who can help them. Our clinic has an excellent reputation not just in Wimberley but in the greater Hays County for providing essential care to under-served exotic pets.

Looking for an exotic vet? Give us a call at (512) 847-5630 or click below to request an appointment today.

I recommend Dr. Mike Sheffield for his caring professionalism he has demonstrated since a young age. I am amazed at his broad range of knowledge of animals from small domestics to large exotics.


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Our Services for Exotic Mammals and Pocket Pets

Dr. Sheffield and his experienced team in Wimberley can provide virtually all the same services for your exotic pet that he also provides for dogs and cats.

These services include:

First new pet visit

Radiology and ultrasound

Dental care

(especially important for rabbits, guinea pigs, gerbils)

Nutritional and environmental counseling

Laboratory testing and evaluation

Soft tissue and orthopedic surgery

Insurance examinations


Veterinary Technician Holds Black Chinchilla
Veterinary Technician Holds Black Chinchilla

Exotic Pet Nutrition and Dental Care

The cornerstone of any pet’s health is nutrition. Making sure your pet receives a balanced, nutritious diet is paramount. Our clinic offers the Zupreem line of exotic pet foods, which offers high-quality diets to various species, including pocket pets and birds. A high-quality food that is tailored to your pet’s needs can prevent the development of various diseases. For some pets, such as rabbits, guinea pigs, and gerbils, a proper diet can also play a key role in dental care and prevent tooth overgrowth and other problems.

For expert care recommendations for your exotic pet, schedule an appointment with us by calling (512) 847-5630 or request an appointment online.

Bird Care

Wimberley Veterinary Clinic provides services for all manner of birds, from budgies to free-range chickens. While not the most typical of pets, birds are no less deserving of lifelong veterinary care from a team that understands their unique needs, especially their nutrition, habitation, and in some cases, reproduction. If you keep chickens, then you’ll want to find a veterinarian who can help them stay healthy and ensure maximum egg production for your flock.

Services we generally provide for our bird patients include:

  • Evaluation of diet and habitat
  • Radiology
  • Laboratory testing and evaluation
  • DNA sex determination
  • Soft tissue and orthopedic surgery
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Flock health evaluations (for poultry)
  • Microchipping
  • Nail, beak, and wing trims (for caged birds)
Dr. Sheffield holding multi-colored bird
Dr. Sheffield holding multi-colored bird