Pet Surgery in Wimberley: Offering Spay and Neuter Procedures and More

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We take every precaution to make your pet’s surgery as safe and comfortable as it can possibly be. Our veterinarians at Wimberley Veterinary Clinic can perform a wide range of soft tissue surgeries to treat existing health issues in pets or reduce their risk of future issues. These surgeries include skin growth removals, tumor removals, exploratory surgery, gastropexy, and of course, routine spay and neuter surgeries. We also offer laser surgery for horses. From the moment you consult with us about your pet’s recommended surgery, our team is here to keep you informed about all aspects of the procedure and offer compassionate support for as long as you need.

Schedule your pet’s surgery or book a consultation to discuss their treatment needs by calling (512) 847-5630. You can also request an appointment online by clicking below.

Undergoing Surgery On Dog
dog spay surgery

Our Merlin was very sick and I was frantic beyond belief. I called the clinic and they had me bring him right in. The staff is absolutely beyond amazing. compassionate. caring. Dr. Ferguson did everything she could to get him better and when conservative treatment failed and surgery became an option, she walked us through the process and kept us posted throughout. Merlin is getting better every day and we are very grateful. I am a fan for life and won't take Merlin anywhere else.


Dr Sheffield With Two Fluffy Puppies
Dr Sheffield With Two Puppies

Why We Spay and Neuter

Dogs, cats, and exotic small mammals can be more at risk for certain reproductive diseases if they do not undergo spay or neuter surgery. These diseases include mammary gland tumors, testicular cancer, ovarian cancer, and pyometra, an infection of the uterus. All of these conditions can be life-threatening, but their risk may be notably reduced after a pet is spayed or neutered.

Our most straightforward reason for recommending spay and neuter surgery is that the procedures help to curb animal overpopulation. With millions of animals ending up in shelters each year, we want to do our part to help more animals find homes and lessen the impact of shelter crowding and the euthanizing of healthy animals.

What if My Pet Needs Orthopedic Surgery?

For most orthopedic procedures, Wimberley Veterinary Clinic enlists the expertise of a board-certified orthopedic surgeon. Dr. Sheffield can do limited orthopedic surgeries, depending on the condition that needs to be treated but in a majority of cases, we connect our clients with a trusted orthopedic specialist. For any care your pet or large animal requires, we do all we can to ensure they receive the best.

If you have any questions about your pet’s upcoming surgery or need help supporting your pet during their post-op recovery, give us a call at (512) 847-5630 today.